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Watch how-to videos to learn more

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Five Step How-To Videos

2-minute quick start videos

Take a product tour through these five steps:

  1. Create your golden reference computer
  2. Capture your image
  3. Download Platform Packs
  4. Build boot media
  5. Deploy your image to any computer
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On Demand Webcast

25-minute product tour webcast

Watch to learn:

  • Tips and best practices for getting started
  • How SmartDeploy compares to Symantec Ghost, MDT, and Acronis Snap Deploy
  • How to do an end-to-end deployment with SmartDeploy


SmartDeploy merges established solutions with new, innovative approaches

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  • Create and deploy one golden image to any make and model.
  • Built-in imaging best practices to keep your team on track without costly training.
  • Unmatched reliability and simplicity, even with the newest Windows version.
  • We automatically handle device drivers, Sysprep, computer naming, domain joining, and more.

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